Who Is ASUU Really Fighting For?

Are they fighting for their selfish interests or that of the students?

Personally, I don’t get seduced by the facade of fighting the government every time in the name of strike and people will willingly pull their strides behind ASUU. It doesn’t always move me. I want to ask the question; is ASUU really fighting for the well-being of the students, or are they using the fact that Nigeria is a failed government to clone as a facade to pursue their selfish interests, because they know that people will always fall behind them?

If ASUU is fighting for the welfare of the students, why won’t they also consider the welfare of the students and return to school? Why are they so comfortable that our students are at home since February, 2022 up till now? That is a period of 5 months and they are not even ready to move.

They don’t even care. As for me, I don’t support the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) joining ASUU in the strike. If ASUU is fighting for the welfare of the students, and they want us to believe that they have no ulterior motive, why haven’t they come out with their templates and convince Nigerians of their demands? Have they explained to the students exactly what they are fighting for and how it will benefit the students when granted?

During my days as a student, up till now, ASUU have always gone on strike and part of their demands have always been met, but I have never seen any significant improvement in the services they render to the students. The lecturers still trade sex for marks, they still sell books, handouts and collect inducements before a student passes their courses. And most importantly, they have not improved their teaching modules to enhance the education they offer.

So, how exactly is their protest in the interest of the students?

Who Is ASUU Really Fighting For? – Education – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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