Lagos Assembly Denies Passing Sharia Law


This Assembly has not secretly passed any law that borders on sharia legal system.

Just like in other Southern States, Lagos operates the Criminal Code. This streamlines the State to establishment of Customary courts, not Sharia.

Northern States operate the Penal code which gives opportunity for creation of Sharia Courts.

All laws passed by Lagos State House of Assembly are accessible on our official website . They are also at Lagos Law Reform office or the Cabinet office.

Passing a law follows a well designed process which takes weeks or months to accomplish. There MUST be a Newspaper publication, Radio jingles, Public Hearing/Stakeholders’ Meeting on every bill being prepared for passage.

Also, it is our bragging right to state that we are still the ONLY state Legislature that streams our plenary sessions live on

The House has 30 Journalists covering its activities from different media houses.

This News should be discarded. For any enquiry, kindly contact the Clerk of house.

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