Lekki Deep Sea Port Receives 13 Brand New Cranes On Board First Cargo Ship

the Lekki sea port on the 1st of July received it first cargo ship after it inception about 13 years ago and over 4 years of construction.
this is a big win for Nigeria and it economy.

3 gigantic Quar cranes and 10 rubber tire gantry cranes were delivered to the Lekki port from ZPMC, china.
These cranes are by far the most sophisticated and most modern in the entire west African region as they are designed to be operated in sync with other port facilities via automation.

the Lekki port will not also serve as the first deep sea port in Nigeria which is designed to alleviate the extreme congestion at the lagos port and attract other large cargo ship that normally berth at neighboring countries because of the poor state of Nigeria port infrastructure, It will also serve as the first and only smart port in the whole west african region.

It will also attract massive investment in the already developing Lekki free trade zone as manufacturers can quickly come settle close to the port facilities and will not have to go through the hardship of evacuating containers from the apapa port and moving it through bad roads which is very daunting. the presence of a deep sea port literally at their backyard solves many of the problems of doing business in Nigeria.

the port will commence full operation in september, 2022

Lekki Deep Sea Port Receives 13 Brand New Cranes On Board First Cargo Ship – Politics – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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