Benin City Residents Take To The Streets To Celebrate Peter Obi In Fanfare

The gist was that they were keyboard warriors and cyber bullies with little clout because there are no polling units on social media. Only if they understood that information is what drives the globe.

The streets are now controlled by the same keypad warriors, who are a serious threat to the ruling elite. The capital of Edo State, Benin City, is quickly developing into a carnival resort for Peter Obi’s fans. Nearly every day, these “Obidient followers” come to the streets to flaunt their support for Peter Obi.

These gorgeous photographs depict handsome young men and beautiful ladies taking various positions at various key locations throughout the ancient City to signal to the world that Peter Obi is the best alternative to the old and recycled political elites that currently command the shots.

They claim that the “Obidient is better than Sacrifice” movement of Peter Obi is capable of resetting the nation because Nigerians are starting to realize that the country can make the correct decisions.

As you may have noticed, the gang up against Peter Obi is real. Those who eat fat by sinking their fangs into the jugular of the nation’s treasury would not want to let go of it.

They would say or do everything to dissuade voters from choosing reputable candidates who can change  the status quo and put an end to their obscene greed.

Nigerians must play their part by talking to family members, friends, and neighbors, who will then talk to others. Nigerians must be the structure they talk about in order to reclaim the country.

View breathtaking images as Peter Obi assumes charge of Benin City.

From Island Communications Village, Smart Omo-Idemudia writes.

Benin City Residents Take To The Streets To Celebrate Peter Obi In Fanfare – Politics – Nigeria (

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