FFK: I Will Only Leave APC If Muslim/Muslim Ticket With Muslim VP Is Adopted

For those who believe that I should not support Jagaban today simply because of what I said about him in the past I say grow up & hear the following.
No matter what transpired before, BAT is now the democratically-elected & legitimate candidate of the party to which I belong

Do you really expect me to turn my back on my party simply because he is our flag bearer? Do u expect me to fold my hands, remain silent & say nothing whilst u try to take him & our party to the cleaners & stop us from winning power at the center? Is that how politics works?

If that is ur expectation & wish you will wait forever. Hell will freeze over before I do that. Party loyalty is everything & unless & until I change parties I will remain faithful, loyal & true to all our flagbearers & candidates in the APC & write, speak & fight for them.

Leave me alone to make my choices just as u have made urs. Follow whoever you believe in all the way to the toilet & let me follow Jagaban to victory. If Jagaban or APC does something wrong tomorrow or fields a Muslim/Muslim ticket with a Muslim VP that I regard as being a danger to Christians I will leave them & fight against them. This much I assure you because I do not shy away from such things especially when it comes to matters touching and concerning my faith.

However if they field a Muslim/Christian ticket or a Muslim/Muslim ticket with a Muslim VP that is reasonable, moderate & trustworthy & that I am sure will protect the Christian and national interest I will support them with every fiber of my being. It is as simple as that. I make my choices & you can make yours after which we meet in the field.

don’t care what choices you make so why should you care about mine? In any case if I am so inconsequential why should it bother you who I support & why do you keep coming to my wall & commenting on my opinions? Why should I continue to be an integral part of your strange..

& complicated little universe? Am I the only fmr Minister or former public office holder in politics? I left public office in 2007, which is 15 years ago, yet you still wait on every word I utter and watch everything I do and say.
You want to know what I wear, what I eat..

what I think, who I spend my time with, what I drink, who I support, how many times I go to the bathroom in one day and so on and so forth. For this I say “thanks be to God” but I really do wonder why you are so obsessed with FFK? Is it that secretly you want to be like me?

.I do not know who you are or even of your existence yet you seek to know everything about me and what I think or believe on any and every issue. Is this not strange? Is there not more to it than meets the eye? Whichever way, whether you like it or not Jagaban WILL win.

After that you will cry, sulk and then come and beg us for support and help.

You will lobby us for this, that and the other.

I have seen it all before. You insult on the wall and beg for help in the inbox.

There is nothing new in this world or under the sun.

Keep on hating and insulting as much as you like but please allow me to make my choices. This is my lawful and constitutional right. It is also my duty and obligation before God and man. And when you come for help, despite your hateful, venomous and vicious rantings &.

ravings and in spite of your malevolent disposition, be rest assured that we will still do our best to help you and give you a better quality of life. That is why we are in politics and that is what civilised people, serious politicians and real men always do.

We pity and forgive the underdog and the most undeserving and we open our arms and show mercy even to the cruel when they see the light.

End of story.

Have a great day!


FFK: I Will Only Leave APC If Muslim/Muslim Ticket With Muslim VP Is Adopted – Politics – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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