No Politician Is Worth Fighting For – Odewale Adesoye

It baffles me when I see Nigerians fighting themselves because of Politicians.

I understand the hardship in the country but that doesn’t give you the chance to fight your fellow citizens because of a politician.

Don’t forget that some people fought themselves because of the current President of this country and yet, he failed the country in countless ways.

What is the assurance that the politician you’re dying or fighting for will even remember you when he attains the position?

What is the assurance that such Politician will deliver as expected if elected?

Many are dead just by fighting for these politicians.

They create enmity amongst us and use it against us.

I understand that you will have your own candidate but why fight other people because of your candidate?

You can convince people with facts and politely but not by circulating fake news and trying to drag other people into mud.

I am always sad when I see youths dragging themselves unnecessarily on social media platforms.

Most of the children of these politicians are abroad enjoying their lives while some Nigerians are busy fighting each other.

The most interesting part is that most of the politicians you’re busy dying and fighting for are great friends. They are all enjoying their lives while using you to play politics.

Please let’s stop this act and make sure you come out and vote come 2023. Stop fighting others because of Politicians as they don’t worth dying for.

No Politician Is Worth Fighting For – Odewale Adesoye – Politics – Nigeria (

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