Nigerian Journalists Are Afraid Of Asking Tinubu,Atiku And Obi Serious Questions

Why are Nigerian Journalists Afraid of Asking Bola Tinubu,Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi Serious Questions such as?

Bola Tinubu
– Why did you give your personal company Alpha Beta 10% tax commission while in office and hide your ownership through fronts and write it into Lagos state tax law.
– Why don’t you attend to your medical needs in Nigeria. Why do you always travel to France, United Kingdom and United States for medical treatment
-Nigerians are concerned about you forfeiting $460k for helping a drug trafficking ring that trafficked heroine from Midwest America to West Africa launder money.
– Where did your children get the money to buy multi-million dollar properties in New York.
– What is your relationship with MC Oluomo who was caught on tape saying his gang had more guns than their opponents in the 2019 election.
– How did you become wealthy enough to afford a private jet.

Atiku Abubakar
– The United States Senate indicted you for accepting $2 million in bribes from Siemens and bringing $40 million dollars of suspicious funds to United States.
-Why do you travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for medical check ups.
– Your former boss Olusegun Obasanjo in his personal biography ” My Watch” said you patronise occult marabouts and are desperate for power.
-Why do you spend most of your time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates more than you do in Nigeria.
– Why were your running your personal business when you were in Customs against public service rules.

Peter Obi

– Can you explain why your convoy was caught in Lagos with N250 million cash.
– Why did you go to great lengths to hide money in British Virgin Island through your daughter name as exposed by Pandora and pay French citizens to pretend to be owners of the account.
– Why did you say you only have one wristwatch and no house outside Onitsha when that has proven to be a lie.
-Why did you invest Anambra state funds in your family personal business.

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