C SEED Unveils N1 TV: A 165-inch Foldable TV From Porsche That Costs N75m

Austrian company C SEED has unveiled its new N1 TV which costs more than a two bed flat would in most of the UK.

Starting at £152,000 (over N74m), the N1 is built out of the same metals used in planes and uses robotic technology to fold in and out of its base.

Available in 165, 137, and 103-inch sizes, the TV is billed as a ‘minimalist sculpture’ and ‘kinetic work of art’, which is presumably considered important for those super-rich who are looking for a classy screen to watch movies and shows on.

Designed by Porsche Design Studio, the screen is undoubtedly high quality, using 4K MicroLED technology and HDR10+ support, promising no screen glare and ‘truest’ blacks.

The company has shared an impressive video of the TV folding out of its base like a piece of televisual origami that can be easily hidden away.

That’s all very well and good, but if you need to get a new mortgage just to watch Netflix, you might want to consider your priorities.

The C SEED N1 isn’t the only TV out there clocking in over £100,000.

Last year, LG unveiled the world’s biggest TV—a 325-inch monster screen called the Extreme Home Cinema.

The screen is so big that it lets you use multiple TV channels at once spread across a 26-foot-high wall in the mansion you would have to own in order to fit it, or you can scale it down to a petite 108 inches, which is more or less the height of a grizzly bear on its hind legs.

It even comes with a flight case in case you want to take it to your private island.

C SEED Unveils N1 TV: A 165-inch Foldable TV From Porsche That Costs N75m – TV/Movies – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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