The Southern People’s Nonchalance Is Responsible For The North “Power”

The nonchalance of southern Nigerians, the Igbo,Yoruba, Nigerdeltans has enabled the core Fulani north have a big stronghold on Nigeria.

The southern people do not have boundaries or redlines that shouldn’t be crossed.

They take everything so lightly and always carry on matter the situation.
This qualities can be good but can also create opportunities for enemies to attack you.

The Fulani/Hausa north are waging a proxy war on Nigeria particularly the south Nigeria economically and politically.

They have been failing economically but they have won some battles politically.

The southerners attitude of nonchalance is unbecoming.
It has gotten to a time southern tribes individually not even unically should start having red lines that much not be crossed,this over liberalism isn’t helping them.

Southerners are carrying the burden of Nigeria solely on their shoulders yet the north doesn’t appreciate.

Southern people’s should know that the north is their enemy,just that the north cannot engage in direct war with the south due to limited resources.

The south is like Israel surrounded by enemy states.
But unlike Israel the south is getting its bum softly kicked.

The south should start behaving like Israel and be more offensive and stern in the approach to national issues.

Imagine the audacity of the north wanting to retain presidency,leaving the south to beg n plead for it when it’s the south that carries Nigeria.

The north should be the region begging for presidency.
Imagine the sheer control the north as imposed on the south,yet southern men will just carry on their lives like it’s nothing.

The south should start adopting Israel spirit

The Southern People’s Nonchalance Is Responsible For The North “Power” – Politics – Nigeria (

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