9 Smart Ways To Have A Successful Service Year “NYSC”

1. Cut down on your travels
One reason Corps members give for their frequent travels is that they are bored with the place they are posted to serve. Boredom is bad. Yes but what is boredom compared to the risk of accidents that happen daily on ‘the death-tracks’ called road in our country. I called it death-tracks because the high casualty rate attributed to road accidents. You can save your future and your parents, the sorrow of loss if you cut down on senseless journeys. And if you must travel, get official permission before you do.

2. Be regular and contribute to Group CDS
One of the prerequisite for NYSC to reward corps members with Certificate of National Service (CNS) is effective participation in all year round Community Development Service (CDS). This is why it is compulsory for participation in weekly CDS. Of course, penalties of extension of service waits and sometimes withholding of allowance defaulters in the weekly exercise.

3. Understand the culture and tradition of your host community
One of the objectives of NYSC is to develop common ties and promote national unity. In line with this objective you are expected as a Corps member to learn the language as well as understand the culture and tradition of the host community you are posted to serve. The difficulties Corps members often encounter emanates from failure to adhere to prevailing community norm. Learn the language of the people. Know the places or areas the community has placed a caveat and stay clear. Some communities regard certain beasts as sacred totems. Though because of your own culture, it may sound absurd to you, but don’t kill the totem. Be ready to face the consequences if you as a female Corps member decide to perambulate when a community announced a masquerade ceremony that forbids the female folks.

4. Learn a Skill
In this era of high unemployment rate NYSC deserves commendation for introducing the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) programme. SAED is an opportunity for you to learn a skill and become an entrepreneur at the end of the service. Don’t say I have this degree or that Diploma because only few white-collar jobs are available for grabs. Of note is that NYSC is kind enough to arrange with other bodies such as CBN, Bank of Industry and NYSC Foundation to make sure take-off capital is never a problem through the offer of loans to the serious ones. So start early, right from the orientation camp to avail yourself of the opportunity.

5. Network
A tree does not make a forest. For you to succeed as a Corps member you need to interconnect with groups and individuals that would add benefit to you as a person. Make sure you connect yourself with members of the community who could help your personal aspiration. Such people could be fellow corps members, employers, prominent community members and relevant groups. These networks may be your ticket to future job, business or relationship.

6. Learn to save money – Think big
Start saving little of the meager allowance you; think big on how to utilize it for business or projects. Don’t worry that it is too little, just save and you will never regret that you did.

7. Identify a Community Development project in community and execute a personal CDS:
Every year we hear of Corps members who won Presidential honours Awards and how they were given automatic employments in any federal ministry of their choice, Cash rewards and Scholarships to undergo all expenses paid Masters Degree programme in any Foreign University of their choice and we begin to think that the beneficiaries got that because of their ‘Connections’. The truth is that they won merely on personal merit and because they did what most Corps members shy away from doing. And that is executing a personal Community Development Service (CDS) projects in the community where they serve. The simple steps to follow are these- Identify a felt need (A problem that need to be solved )in your community of your posting, Determine the type of Project that could solve it, Get approval from NYSC to execute this project, mobilize the community to execute it, and commission it for you to be eligible for awards. This could be Local government, State and presidential Honours awards. Do this and you may be surprise how far it would take you.

8. Make yourself resourceful in your PPA
Primary assignment is an important part of your service year. So for you to succeed you must make yourself relevant in your place of primary assignment. Be regular and punctual. Perform your assignments with diligence. Most often the availability of your allowances depends on your endorsement by the employer. The same goes for the possibility of being retained by your employer and even the possibility of passing out with your fellow Corps members when the time comes.

9. Be security conscious
There is no security like the one you provide by yourself. In this era of security crises in the country, it is reasonable that you prioritize your personal security. There is nothing that breaches security like night movements. The same goes for the type of association one keeps. The way we dress can also cause security breach especially if dress to attract rapists, and robbers. Moreso wear your uniform when you go out, so that you can be easily identified.

9 Smart Ways To Have A Successful Service Year “NYSC” – NYSC – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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