“INEC’s Result Viewing Portal”: Some Little Things That Still Need To Be Fixed.

The INEC’s “Results Viewing Portal” had been a very good initiative, and it had improved the transparency of the election process.

But the “Results-Viewing Portal” is not yet fully performing what should be its primary function, which is:
‘Publishing The Full Results To The Public’.

The Results-Viewing Portal as at the moment is publishing only the Election-Results at the Polling-Units, which although is a great work because it involves more than 77% of the work of publishing results on the Portal which had already been done, the remaining work – which might seem very little in the eyes of many – is actually far more important than publishing only the results at the Polling-Units.
There should also be Provisions made for all the collated results from the various Wards, LGAs, States, and for the final Collated Results for each of the elections.
Some people might argue that publishing such results would incur more costs, but then, what would be the justifiable reason for uploading all the numerous Polling-Units-Results as they were being announced, without also uploading the rest of the collated results as they were also being announced too?
Whatever that is worth doing, is worth doing well.
All those inactive buttons that were indicating “View-Wards” and “Completed” can be converted to active buttons that would redirect someone to the link where they can download the respective collated results.
Another thing that should be fixed on the Portal is the timeline of the elections in each of the categories.
(See the Fourth Picture for a better understanding).
Since the freshly loaded page starts from the top, then it also implies that the recent results should be placed at the top of the page, and not at the bottom.

It’s really crazy for a user of the Portal to be scrolling to the bottom of the page each time in order to see the results of ongoing elections and the results of most-recent elections.

“INEC’s Result Viewing Portal”: Some Little Things That Still Need To Be Fixed. – Politics – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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