Biodun Oyebanji hails INEC, Describes Ekiti Election As Excellent

Nigeria does not need placeholders. We need pacesetters. Bola Tinubu calls himself Asiwaju. The literal meaning of Asiwaju is someone who opens up the front. A leader. A pacesetter. What kind of Asiwaju can’t make up his mind who his running mate should be on time?

Nigeria needs a leader who can take decisions. Someone who can work and decide under pressure. If Nigeria is attacked, we need a leader who can respond in a timely manner. People who can’t choose their running mates within the allotted time can’t be decisive leaders

If Tinubu says he has a lifelong ambition to be President, it says a lot about his ability to plan, and the planning ability of those other Presidential candidates who are still relying on placeholders. You planned for a lifetime only to end up with a placeholder?

I hope those who are acting as placeholders, and those who are sending them to act for them, remember that Vice President Osinbajo was meant to be a placeholder for Tinubu, to warm the seat for him. But Osinbajo contested against him. May history not repeat itself!

Reno Omokri: Nigeria Does Not Need Placeholders, We Need Pacesetters – Politics – Nigeria (

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