IPOB Reveals Identities Of Unknown Gunmen, Declares Them Wanted

IPOB Reveals ‘Identities Of People Behind Activities Of Unknown Gunmen’ In Southeast Nigeria, Declares Them Wanted

IPOB had in April vowed to disclose the identities of those behind unknown gunmen terrorising the southeast in the nearest future.

JUNE 16, 2022

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has released the names of people allegedly behind the activities of unknown gunmen in the Southeast and declared them wanted.

IPOB had in April vowed to disclose the identities of those behind unknown gunmen terrorising the southeast in the nearest future.

Emma Powerful, the spokesman for the separatist group, maintained that IPOB and its militant wing, Eastern Security Network, ESN, are not behind the activities of unknown gunmen in the Southeast.

He pointed out that atrocities are perpetrated more in areas where politicians are fighting, insisting that criminalities in the Southeast are carried out to implicate IPOB and ESN.

However, the group which released some names allegedly behind killings in the region, said since IPOB and ESN are often accused of committing the crimes, the separatist group would not allow the criminals to succeed.

This is contained in a statement released on Thursday by Comrade Emma Powerful, IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary.

He accused one Nkechi Kalu and her eight-man kidnap gang of committing crimes around Abia and Igweocha in Rivers State, saying they are not IPOB members.

He said their activities should not be linked with ‘IPOB Family’.

IPOB also accused the Nigerian government and its security agencies of sponsoring people to join IPOB and ESN.

According to Powerful, this happened when their leader, Nnamdi Kanu called for the massive resignation of Igbo people from Nigerian security forces and asked them to join the ESN to protect their motherland against marauding Fulani terrorists.

The statement reads in part, “We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to reiterate once again that IPOB has never been part or behind the ongoing insecurity and criminalities in our dear region and against our people for whose security and safety the ESN was established.

“IPOB formed and inaugurated ESN to checkmate Fulani terrorist activities in the region and would never get involved in such evil and wicked acts as kidnapping for ransom.

“We are working towards exposing to the public those behind the ongoing criminalities in Anambra State, Enugu State and Imo State.

“Those behind these devilish activities are neither IPOB nor ESN members as always, unfortunately, ‘alleged’ and we cannot allow them to succeed in our land.

“In Abia State, particularly a certain Nkechi Kalu and her gang of about 8 kidnap gang (sic) operating between Abia state and Igweocha Rivers State are not IPOB members, they and their activities should not be associated with ‘IPOB Family’ membership.

“In Enugu State, a certain group of criminal elements turned themselves into enemies of the people, the names of their gang leaders are as follows; Chocho and Mazi Ejiofor are not IPOB members and anybody associating with them is a confirmed criminal. The above-named persons who were formerly IPOB members were expelled as a result of indiscipline and insubordination which is not tolerated by IPOB leadership.

“These men and women neither represent the cherished values for which IPOB is known for nor do they have any mandate to represent, transact, discuss, operate, or enter into any binding agreement for and on behalf of IPOB/ ESN.

“In Anambra State, our painstaking investigation revealed the kidnapping syndicates of gang leaders such as Mazi Chijioke Aloy Emechie (pastor), Uchenna Nnadi, Nwamami water, Michael and Mark Okpulor. These men are also not members of IPOB and do not represent the cherished values of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

“It is evidently certain that the above-mentioned persons were masterminds of kidnappings in and around Nnewi North LGA, Nnewi South, Ekwulobia Aguata and other places in Anambra State. Anybody that comes across them should treat them as the criminals that they are.

“The above-mentioned people who recently joined IPOB came with very dubious and criminal intents. However, our well-tested and trusted guiding principles exposed their ulterior intent and motive and unworthy of being part of the noble IPOB family and were therefore expelled to avoid contamination with disciplined members of IPOB.

“The public should note that the above-named persons were sponsored by the Nigeria Government and its compromised security agencies particularly DSS (Department of State Services) and Army personnel to join IPOB ESN when our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called for massive resignation of Biafrans from the Nigerian Security forces and join the ESN to protect their motherland against marauding Fulani terrorist herdsmen.

“We have fought so hard and will continue to expose and dislodge these agents in our midst and in our land. Of note is that some of these vermin fluently speak Igbo language, dress as Igbo men but they are Fulani and their main target was to destroy IPOB and ESN members and destroy Biafraland. However, we promise them that they will regret their actions soon as we are ever determined to expose and confront them.

“Once again, these Criminals in different states in Biafraland are: In Anambra State are Mazi Chijioke Aloy Emechie (pastor), Uchenna Nnadi, Nwamamiwater, Michael, and Mark Okpulor. These people are disturbing and kidnapping our people in Anambra State and must not be allowed to associate with IPOB activities. The leadership hereby direct all IPOB members to take note and never to have any dealings with them.

“Abia State, operating from Abia State to Igweocha Rivers State are Madam Nkechi Kalu and her eight-man gang of kidnappers. They are neither IPOB members nor ESN operatives and anybody who see them must bring them down.

“Criminals operating in Enugu State include Mazi Ejiofor and Mazi Chocho anybody associating with these people are regarded as also criminal and not IPOB members.

“These people are declared wanted by IPOB leadership and ESN operatives, anyone that sees them or knows their whereabouts should report to IPOB leadership.”

IPOB Reveals Identities Of Unknown Gunmen, Declares Them Wanted – Politics – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

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