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  1. An evaluation of dracunculiasis and the intervention strategies adopted for its eradication in borno state, nigeria
  2. Effect of pineapple (ananas comosus l. Merrill) and papaya (carica papaya l.) Fruit extracts on sericin removal from silk moths cocoons in kenya
  3. Heavy metal and organochlorine pollutants in tissues of marine fauna along the coast of mombasa island – kenya
  4. Diversity and abundance of lice on speckled mousebird colius striatus and red-capped lark calandrella cinerea in two ecologically different habitats in central kenya
  5. Raised iron levels in wet- ground vigna unguiculata and capsicum frutescens using domestic grinding techniques
  6. Molecular analysis of mechanisms and identification of factors of pyrethroid resistance in anopheles gambiae sensu lato in southwestern nigeria and southern benin republic
  7. Prevalence and intensity of nematode parasites of poecilia reticulata peters (1859) in four wastewater drains of lagos state, nigeria
  8. Investigating the aquatic weeds on the westlake wetland: detrimental effects and management options
  9. Relationships between invertebrate detritivores and gut bacteria in marine systems •
  10. Evaluation of a rapid immune chromatographic card test for plasmodium falciparum in ibadan, nigeria
  11. Molecular analysis of mechanisms and identification of factors of pyrethroid resistance in anopheles gambiae sensu lato in southwestern nigeria and southern benin republic
  12. Dna and systemic damage induced by landfill leachates, and health impacts of human exposure to landfills in lagos and ibadan, nigeria
  13. Application of a multidisciplinary approach to the systematics of acomys (rodentia: muridae) from northern tanzania
  14. Exploratory behaviour and food retrieval habit of amitermes evuncifer silvestri (isoptera, termitidae temitinae)
  15. Response of benthic fauna to mangrove degradation and restoration in gazi bay – kenya
  16. Isolation and identification of mycotoxigenic fungi in maize in narok town, kenya
  17. Aspects of the biology of apis mellifera adansonii (1758) (hymenoptera apidae apoidea) with emphasis on honey and beeswax production
  18. Effect of physicochemical factors and dyke on conservation of oreochromis esculentus and oreochromis variabilis in lake kanyaboli, kenya
  19. Co-infection of salmonella typhi and soil-transmitted helminths and antimicrobial profiles in individuals attending ukwala sub-county hospital, kenya
  20. Habitat use and ecological carrying capacity for the eastern black rhinoceros (diceros bicornis michaeli) in ruma national park, kenya
  21. Preventive aspects of malaria in pregnancy in badagry local government area of lagos state, nigeria
  22. Evaluation of antiplasmodial activities of chloroquine encapsulated heparin-functionalized solid lipid nanoparticles
  23. Physiological adaptations to aestivation and osmotic regulation of the african lungfish, protopterus annectens (owen) of anambra river, nigeria
  24. Induced mutation studies for crop improvement in cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l.) Walp.)
  25. The biology of the ten pounder elops lacerta in the freshwater and marine environment
  26. The biology of the clupeid ilisha africana off the nigerian coast
  27. Season anuran species composition and distribution pattern on a delta landscape
  28. Relevance of intestinal helminth parasites of parachanna obscura and sarotherodon melanotheron on host metal accumulation in leki lagon lagos
  29. Phytoplankton biomann and diversity in relation to environmental paramters at ologe lagoon, lagos
  30. Phytochemical composition and insecticidal activities of some botanicals on three stored product pests
  31. Bioactivity of extracts of some nigerian plants on insect pests of stored grains
  32. Studies of the biology of the species of tilapia in the volta lake
  33. The systematics of indo-pacific saurida and trachinocephalus (pisces: synodontidae) and the biology of four local species.
  34. Identification of a subpopulation of immune nigerian adult volunteers by antibodies to the circumsporozoite protein of plasmodium falciparum
  35. Physico-chemical parameters, plankton, macrozoobenthos and fish fauna of ibuya river, sepeteri, south-western nigeria
  36. Effects of soil properties on arthropod biodiversity in dumpsites in ibadan, oyo state, nigeria
  37. Optimization of the t-cell proliferation assay in fascioliasis using a non-radioactive method, the alamar blue assay
  38. Earthworm diversity and abundance in selected dumpsites in ibadan, and toxicity of contaminated water on associated fauna
  39. Anopheles gambiae complex: molecular forms and-occurrence of the kdr rural southwestern nigeria
  40. “the benthi~ecology o~ fajise bay, w.ith notes on the analysis o~ shallow-water so~t substrata
  41. Correlation of chemical compositions of cassava varieties to their resistance to prosiephanus truncatus horn (coleoptera: bostrichidae)
  42. A tax~omic and lf.pidological study. Of ”lhe .south african heterosoma ta with special r.eference to the value of scale characters • in identification amd classification
  43. A note on an abnormal xenopus laevis specimen without haemoglobin and on some~eriments performed as a consequence.
  44. Total immunoglobulin g and igg1 subclass levels specific for the msp-119 of plasmodium falciparum are different in individuals with either processing-inhibitory, blocking or neutral antibodie
  45. Mineralised phytoplankton community composition in the scotia and weddell seas
  46. (southern ocean), with emphasis on diatoms and coccolithophores
  47. Using stable isotopes as a tool to understand the trophic relationships and movements of seabirdsoff southern africa
  48. Effects of demersal trawling on marine infaunal, epifaunal and fish assemblages: studies in the southern benguela and oslofjord
  49. Trapping studies on glossina longipennis corti at nguruman, south-western kenya
  50. Acute and chronic effects of ammonia in the south african abalone, haliotis midae linnaeus (mollusca)
  51. Recruitment patterns and processes aod the connec{il’ity of rock)’ shores in southern africa
  52. Large and small-scale movement patterns of the west coast rock lobster, jasus lalandii.
  53. A review of the rheotanytarsus curtistylus group, with a generic diagnosis of the genus rheotanytarsus thienemann etbause, and a description of7 new afrotropicalspecies (diptera: chironomidae
  54. Potentially – zoonotic viruses in the straw-colored fruit bat (eidolon helvum) in ghana
  55. Insects associated with citronella in south-eastern ghana, with particular reference to shootborersinsects associated with citronella in south-eastern ghana, with particular reference to shoo
  56. Identification and field evaluation of bioactive natural products for use in schistosome host snail traps
  57. Studies on the abundance and distribution of mosquitoes and prevalence of malaria in yabo local government area of sokoto state, nigeria
  58. Studies on genetic mutations in plasmodium falciparum strains associated with 4- aminoquinolines (chloroquine) and pyrimethamine-sulphadoxine (fansidar) resistance in ghanaian malaria patient
  59. In vitro effects of natural cocoa extract on erythrocyte membrane and asexual erythrocytic stage of plasmodium falciparum
  60. Bionomics of the m illet stem borer coniesta ignefusalis (hampson) (lepidoptera: pyralidae)
  61. Biology of some oxycarenus species (heteroptera: lygaeidae) in southern ghana
  62. Distribution patterns dispersal and population genetics of anopheline mosquitoes along the kenyan coast
  63. Tolerance of different maize varieties and wood species used in maize storage structures in the volta region, ghana to the larger grain borer, prostephanus truncatus (horn) (coleoptera: bostr
  64. Molecular characteristics and immuno-epidemiology of plasm odium falciparum infections in school children at dodowa
  65. A review of the nilothauma pictipenne group and a description of four new afrotropical species of nilothauma kieffer, 1921 (diptera: chironomidae: chironominae)
  66. Cute toxicity of agrochemicals and detergent on tadpoles of the common african toad, amietophrynus regularis
  67. Biology of cowpea flower thrips and host plant resistance
  68. Transmission of human and animal onchocerciasis and molecular diagnosis of onchocerca species in some ghanaian communities
  69. Evaluating the prevalence and transmission of lymphatic filariasis in two rural communities in the western region after ten rounds of mass drug administration
  70. Toxicities and sedative effects of toloache, datura innoxia miller, on the african catfish clarias gariepinus burchell, fingerlings
  71. Characterization of onchocerca volvulus response to ivermectin treatment and identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with these responses in some onchocerciasis endemic r
  72. Parasitological responses of onchocerca volvulus to ivermectin treatment and genetic analysis of beta tubulin gene
  73. Prevalence of avian malaria in some protected areas in ghana
  74. An investigation of the behavior and biology of the citrus mussel scale
  75. Studies on in vitro colonization, karyomorphology, and temephos susceptibility of simulium damnosum theobald complex.
  76. Lymphatic filariasis at gomoa okyereko, an irrigation project community in southern ghana: infection, clinical disease and vectors
  77. Effects of water soluble fractions of used crankcase oil on some physiological parameters of the nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus)
  78. Antiplasmodial activity of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of anacarduim occidental and cymbopogon citratus
  79. Aspects of the ecology of three communally breeding bird species on legon campus
  80. Epidemiological study of urogenital schistosomiasis in apparently healthy and hiv infected females in jos, plateau state, nigeria
  81. Impact of concurrent schistosoma mansoni and s. Haematobium infections on schistosomiasis demographics and pathology in an endemic community in ghana
  82. Karyotypes of some african coreoids and the higher systematics of coreoidea (hemhiptera: heteroptera)
  83. Studies on the chemoreception profile of bulinus truncatus {avdouin) as an aid to the development of controlled release molluscicides
  84. Characterization of anti-schistoma haematobium monoclonal antibodies and investigations into their reactivity in the western immunoblot assay
  85. Epidemiological studies of schistosomiasis in jos south local government area, plateau state, nigeria
  86. Karyotypes of some ghanaian shield-bugs and the higher systematics of pentatomidae(hemiptera : heteroptera)
  87. Subtle morbidities associated with malaria co-infection with schistosomiasis among children in south-west nigeria.
  88. Antibody specificities of children living in a malaria endemic area to inhibitory and blocking epitopes on msp-119 of plasmodium falciparum
  89. Genetic variants of plasmodium falciparum in infective anopheles gambiae s.l. at a rural community in southwest nigeria
  90. The performance of prostephanus truncatus (horn) on different sorghum varieties grown in ghana.
  91. Characterization of cattle filarial parasite morphologically similar to wuchereria bancroft! (nematoda: filaroidae) in southern ghana
  92. Toxicities and sedative effects of toloache, datura innoxia miller, on the african catfish clarias gariepinus burchell, fingerlings
  93. Studies on the use of bioactive materials in molluscan traps for the control of schistosome host snails
  94. Aspects of the community ecology of waterbirds in mole national park
  95. Karyotypes of some tropical reduviidf and cytotaxonomy of reduviidae (hemiptera : heteroptera)
  96. Cattle as potential reservoir for parasitic zoonotic diseases in the lower manya krobo district in the eastern region of ghana
  97. Phenotypic characterization and in vitro response of lymphocytes of ghanaian children with burkitt’s lymphoma to plasmodium falciparum malaria antigens
  98. Exploration of the ecotypes of achatina achatina (l) for snail farming in ghana
  99. Characterization of the chemoreception niche of biomaphalaria pfeiffer as an aid to the development of slow release of molluscicides
  100. Entomological indices of anopheles gambiae sensu lato at a rural community in south-west nigeria
  101. Anti-nutritional status of uninfested and prostephanus truncatus (horn) (coleptra: bostichidae) infested dried cassava chips
  102. Application of selected bioinsecticides in management of oryzaephilus surinamensis (coleoptera: silvaridae) on phoenix dactylifera (date fruits)
  103. Epidemiology of lymphatic filariasis in adoodo /ota local government area of ogun state, nigeria.
  104. Trypanosome prevalence in pigs and tsetse flies from jomoro district in the western region of ghana
  105. Vector species of guinea worm in west akim district of ghana, and the evaluation of abate as a cyclopside
  106. Morphometric description and behavioural ecology of analeptes trifasciata fabricius 1775 (coleoptera: cerambycidae) on cashew (anacardium occidentale linnaeus 1753) in nigeria
  107. Does the spillage of petroleum products in anopheles breeding sites have an impact on the pyrethroid resistance?
  108. Urine turbidity and microhaematuria as rapid assessment indicators for schistosoma haematobium infection among school children in endemic areas
  109. Annotation of virulence factors in schistosomes for the development of a schistovir database
  110. Prostephanus truncatus (horn) (coleoptera: bostrichidae) ability to breed and damage potential on cassava dried chips
  111. Developmental signaling genes in ameloblastoma gènes signalant le développement de l’améloblastome
  112. Development of molecular epidemiological tools for better understanding and control of buruli ulcer
  113. Studies on 1hb lepidoptsm os’ cocoa farms in ghana
  114. Investigation into the clasp reflex of xenohis laevis
  115. The molecular characterisation of giardia lamblia in ghanaian children
  116. Life-table studies in culex species and the susceptibility of culex quinquefasciatus say to insecticides commonly used in accra,breeding ecology and foraging behaviour of black-winged stilt (himantopus himantopus) in ghana
  117. Phenotypic characterization and in vitro response of lymphocytes of ghanaian children with burkitt’s lymphoma to plasmodium falciparum malaria antigens
  118. Genetic characterization of fin fish species from the warri river at ubeji, niger delta, nigeria
  119. Guinea worm: socio-cultural studies, morphometry, histomorphology, vector species and dna probe for dracunculus species.
  120. Specificities of antibodies to plasmodium falciparum merozoite sur face protein (msp)-119
  121. Environmental contamination, dna damage and mechanism of cytogenotoxicity induced by electronic wastes in lagos, nigeria
  122. Serum ferritin levels in children with malaria anaemia in ibadan
  123. A cross-sectional study on urogenital schistosomiasis in children; haematuria and proteinuria as diagnostic indicators in an endemic rural area of nigeria
  124. Soil faecal pollution and the risk of hookworm infection in areas of ibadan, nigeria.
  125. Epidemiology of malaria in children living at igbo-ora, south western nigeria
  126. Clinical malaria diagnosis in adults: the value of signs,symptoms and antibodies
  127. Studies on the lifecycle of aleurodicus dispersus (rusell) (homoptera: aleyrodidae) on potted cassava plant in a screen house
  128. Nutritional anaemia and malaria in preschool and school age children
  129. Species composition and temporal distribution of mosquito populations in ibadan, southwest nigeria
  130. Insecticide resistance associated with 2la inversion and microsatellite loci polymorphism in anopheles gambiae s.s. populations from lagos and oyo states, nigeria
  131. Differential expression of metallothionein-1 and cytochrome p450-2a5 (cyp2a5) in mice in response to lead acetate exposure and industrial effluents in ibadan, nigeria
  132. Effects of short term laboratory infestation of dried cassava variety tme-7 by prostephanus truncatus (horn) (coleoptera: bostrichidae)
  133. Safe guarding date palm from oryzaephilus surinantensis infestation through oil palm inflorescence ash and hermetic storage technique treatments and the combination of both treatments
  134. Hermetic control treatment of p. Truncatus (horn) (coleptera: bostrichidae) infestation on stored dried cassava chips in poly then bags
  135. Cellular responses to modified plasmodium falciparum msp119 antigens in individuals previously exposed to natural malaria infection
  136. Clinical manifestations and immune response to msp 1)9 in severe paediatric malaria in adeoyo state maternity hospital, ibadan
  137. Feeding and social behaviour of common primates in the kakum national park, central region of ghana
  138. Epidemiological factors that promote the development of severe malaria anaemia in children in ibadan.
  139. Prevalence of hiv and malaria parasites co-infection in pregnant mothers and their babies post .delivery
  140. Seasonal variations in antibody response to a plasmodium falciparum recombinant circumsporozoite antigen in two villages in south western nigeria
  141. Effects of falciparum malaria on levels of selected biomarkers of cardiovascular disease risk in type 2 diabetics and non-diabetic controls
  142. Variations in species composition and infection rates in anopheles gambiae s.l. across eco-vegetational zones in nigeria and cameroon
  143. Observations on the growth and survival of oreochromis niloticus (l) fed on formulated feeds
  144. Genetic polymorphisms associated with hypertension in the ethnic populations of calabar and uyo, nigeria
  145. Morphometrics of macrotermes bellicosus (african mound termite) (blattodea:termitidae) and the impact of its saliva amylase on the strength of termitarium soil
  146. Extracellular release of acid phosphatase from blood stream forms of trypanosoma brucei brucei.
  147. The human immune response to plasmodium falciparum includes both antibodies that inhibit merozoite surface protein 1 secondary processing and blocking antibodies
  148. Variation in the relationship between anti-msp-119 antibody response and age in children infected with plasmodium falciparum during the dry and rainy seasons
  149. Cytokine and antibody responses to malaria vaccine candidate antigens, plasmodium falciparum glutamate rich protein (glurp) and merozoite surface protein (msp3) in ghanaian children
  150. A revision of the afrotropical members of the subgenus uresipedilum sasa et kikuchi, 1995, of the genus polypedilum kieffer, 1912, with the description of eleven new species (diptera: chiro
  151. Detection of tick-borne rickettsia species in ticks collected from cattle in some selected sites in ghana
  152. Cytokine profiles among hiv and malaria co-infected pregnant mothers and their babies post delivery
  153. Comparative study of the common protozoan parasites of ??????? ?????????? (african catfish) from wild and cultured environments in bauchi metropolis
  154. Life expectancy and lethal effect of culex quinquefasciatus larvae due to s-hydroprene and leaf extracts of azadirachta indica
  155. Application of water quality index in the drinking water quality assessment of a southeastern nigeria river
  156. Evaluation of deltamethrin on sitophilus zeamais
  157. Analysis of the nutritional values of feed compounded from locally available materials (university of calabar fish farm as a case study)
  158. A survey of nymphalid species of butterflies in abraka campus of delta stat-1
  159. Maternal vitamin a supplementation delays time to first episode of parasitaemia and reduces malaria parasite densities among infants in rural communities in ebonyi state, nigeria
  160. Investigation of the infestation of dermestes maculatus on clarias gariepinus at different intervals
  161. Edible insects rearing methods and incorporation into commercial food products a critical review
  162. Incorporated edible insect based foods the how and why
  163. Methodology in production of local integrated fish meal our affordability in abraka delta state nigeria
  164. Density diversity assessment of macro invertebrates of river illah delta state nigeria
  165. Floor type characterization temperature and humidity tolerance for tunga penetrans infestation in igbokoda ondo state nigeria
  166. Production method for some insect based food for local consumption in ondo state nigeria
  167. Physic chemistry and littoral macro invertebrate of umoni river in delta state nigeria
  168. Investigating manure potentials on zooplankton performances and water quality in concrete pond culture
  169. Disease diagnostic techniques of contemporary times in nigeria
  170. Study on the performance of clarias gariepinus fed with local integrated fish feed
  171. Schistosoma haematobium and plasmodium falciparum single and concomitant infections; any association with hematologic abnormalities?
  172. Vernonia amygdalina: a folkloric herb with anthelminthic properties
  173. Plasmodial infection and haematological parameters in febrile patients in a hospital in oyo town, south-western nigeria
  174. Lymphatic filariasis in southwestern nigerian rural communities: a cross-sectional survey of the knowledge, awareness, and predisposing factors
  175. Molecular characterisation of bulinus snails – intermediate hosts of schistosomes in ogun state, south-western nigeria
  176. Review on insecticidal, antifeedant, and repellent properties of sodom apple (calotropis procera)
  177. Taxonomic composition, abundance and distribution of phytoplankton in ifewara reservoir, southwestern nigeria
  178. Effect of hibiscus sabdariffa calyces extract on estrogen and progesteron level of pregnant albino rats.
  179. The effects of three organic fertilizers poultry droppings cattle dung and pig excreta on the growth of fingerlings of clarias gariepinus
  180. Influence of soil transmission helminths infections on the nutritional status of school children in akinyele local government area, ibadan.
  181. The use of palm oil to mitigate stress in the african sharptooth catfish (clarias gariepinus) during transportation
  182. High infant and maternal mortality rate in nigeria; a cause for concern.
  183. Aquatic insects and their ecological benefits


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