Senate: Ward Denies Suspending Agom-Eze

Nothing good can ever come from a party that was formed on propaganda, lives in propaganda, won elections on propaganda and is still planning on using propaganda to inflict more harms on Nigeria /Nigerians.
Umahi thinks he can eat his cake and have it.
This serves him right.

The statement below is a counter press release from Onicha APC ward.

Ebonyi South Senate: Alleged suspension/expulsion of Ann Agom-Eze is false – Ward Chairman

THE rumoured suspension and explosion of the “factional’ candidate for Ebonyi South Senatorial seat in the 2023 general election, Mrs. Ann Agom-Eze, was Monday described as false.

Vanguard gathered that the Deputy Chairman of Umudomi Ward, was the person that purportedly signed Ann’s suspension letter without recourse to the Chairman of the Ward, Ogboji John Ogbonnaya.

In a statement signed by Ogboji John Ogbonnaya, Chairman, All Progressive Congress Party (APC), Umudomi Ward, in Onicha Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, the leadership of the Ward explained that “Since the matter is in the Appeal Court and we have received an Appeal Court injunction to that effect. Hence, restraining us from suspending anybody until the Court determined.”

According to him, “The attention of the All Progress Congress Party (APC)Umudomi Ward, Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, has been drawn to a purported suspension/Expulsion of Princess Ann Nwanyibuife Agom-Eze from the Party at the Ward level.

“I want to use this medium to categorically state that the rumours of her suspension/expulsion are all false as such has never happened in Umudomi Ward.

“I hereby urge the general public to disregard such rumour as Umudomi Ward of the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) are peace loving people.”

Ebonyi South Concerned Citizens, weekend kicked against the alleged suspension and expulsion of Mrs Ann Agom-Eze, from the party.

The group alleged the State Government through its agents coerced the Vice Chairman of Umudomi Ward, Mr Nwitte John-Eze, to sign a letter, which purportedly suspended and expelled Mrs Agom-Eze, on Saturday.

According to the group, the same suspension/expulsion letter, was on Wednesday, rejected by the Ward Chairman, Ogbonnaya Ogboji and the Secretary, after they were allegedly held hostage for over 14 hours and later offered N1Million to sign the letter.

The Leader of the group, Engr Ugochukwu Orji, stated this, on Sunday, a in statement, titled, “Suspension saga about Princess Ann Agom-Eze: A mere fallacy, move that increases Umahi’s desperation.”

The Ebonyi group, which hunted that suspending Mrs Agom-Eze amounted to cutting corners, added that: “In their continuous bid to actualise their evil plans of suspending Mrs Ann Nwanyibuife Agom-Eze, two days ago, being Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the Onicha Local Government Area Chairman, Hon Felix Igboke, invited the APC executives of the Umudomi Ward.

“During the time of hostage at the residence of Onicha LGA chairman, in Abakaliki, immediately after the news went viral, they quickly released them and came online to write a press release, denying every allegations against them.

“The Umudomi Ward Excos were released after their plan of coercing them to sign the suspension letter against Mrs Ann Agom-Eze.

“Yesterday again, being Thursday, August 11, 2022, in another attempt to cover up their illegal activities of the previous day, they now invited the whole Excos from the Umudomi Ward to the State Party secretariat in Abakaliki, which ended up in chaos as they finally offered Ward Umudomi Excos One Million Naira to cover up their logistics.

“It was later revealed that Governor David Umahi Nweze called the Onicha Council chairman threatening to sack all the appointees from Onicha Igboeze Community and the local government area at large, if nothing was done to suspend and expel Mrs Ann Agom-Eze from the party.

“Early hours of Friday, being August 12, 2022, the Umudomi Ward Chairman was again called to report with his full Ward Excos for their monthly stipend at the Onicha Local Government Area headquarters, in Isu.

“And on getting to the Onicha Local Government Area headquarters at Isu, he was secretly informed that the Onicha LGA APC Chairman, Mr Uche Nwosu, planned to attack him with some of his group members, and he eventually narrowly escaped being lynched. At this very moment, the way about of the Umudomi Ward Chairman, Ogbonnaya John Ogboji, is unknown.

“Information reaching us now (today, Saturday, August 13, 2023) is that they have immediately installed and mandated the Vice Chairman of Umudomi Ward, Mr Nwitte John-Eze, who carried out their bidding of signing the suspension letter of Mrs Ann Nwanyibuife Agom-Eze. Moreso, we hope that Mr Ogbonnaya John Ogboji (The Umudomi Ward Chairman) is safe wherever they may have taken him to.” Ends

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